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Shipping FAQ

LCL ocean freight (Less than Container Load)

Drop of Location How Much? Shipping FAQ

Which packages is appropriate for LCL Ocean Freight Service?

• Loose cardboard boxes
• Palletized and shrink-wrapped cargo
• Crates that will fit in a 40’ ocean freight container
• Mixed cargo that is subtle for the international shipping using LCL sea freight service

Why there are minimum shipments freight cost?

The Maritime industry has fixed minimum charges per shipment. You can ship as little or as much as you want, but there is a minimum ocean freight cost involved.

What does the price actually cover?

The rate covers all costs from receiving to arrival at destination container freight station. See rate section. The only addition charges will be $45 documentation fee.

What is your shipping schedule?

Our schedule calls for weekly service to most destinations. Cargo should be delivered to our warehouses by the date and time indicated on booking confirmation.

How can we pay for shipment?

We accept 3 payment options:

1) Interact e-mail transfer.
You can pay our invoice by Interact e-Transfer – just like sending cash, only now from your online or mobile banking.
For more information please visit

2) Bank direct deposit.

3) PayPal (Master Card, Visa)
* Please note that there will be a 3.5% charge for a credit card transaction.

Can we insure LCL Cargo?

Ocean Freight Insurance limits the liability of shipping companies to $500.00 per package, vehicle, or container.

This means that if the carrier is negligent for a loss, then they are obligated to pay only $500 per unit. At A1 FREIGHT FORWARDING, we understand the substantial value you place on your International shipments. We can arrange cargo insurance with reputable insurance companies for every stage of the shipping process.

Can you guarantee transit times?

We make every effort to have your shipment arrive at its destination on time. However, we do not guarantee a specific transit time.

Do we need to pay Destination Charges?

Our quote includes all charges to arrival at destination container freight station.
The receiver will have to pay local destination charges and customs clearance where applicable. 

Cargo Examination
All charges related to an export examination of this cargo conducted by canadian or united states customs or any other government department will be for the account of the shipper requesting the booking. This will include all costs for re-handling, delivery, unloading, examination, reloading of the container, and if required any cost related to the disposal of any cargo as directed by cbsa or usa customs. ISPM 15 wood packing regulations widely in force. Please ensure your compliance. Shipper is liable for all costs resulting from non compliance.