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Baggage & Luggage shipping

Luggage Shipping For Travellers

At A1 Freight Forwarding, we offer luggage shipping to help travellers avoid the hassles and aggravation that can come with checking your baggage.

Rather than check your baggage when you travel, consider using luggage shipping. Luggage shipping is an excellent alternative that lets you avoid the hassles that come with checking bags and spend less time in the airport. You’ll be able to travel worry-free and get around much easier when you don’t have to carry a large amount of baggage with you.

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Make Travel Easier with Luggage Shipping

A1 Freight Forwarding makes luggage shipping easy and convenient.

Travelling with baggage can sometimes be annoying, difficult and costly. If you have a large amount of baggage this can be especially true. This is why we at A1 Freight Forward offer luggage shipping services. When you ship your baggage rather than check it, you avoid long check-in lines, have an easier time getting to and from the airport and simplify packing. Best of all, your luggage arrives right at your destination without worry. If you have larger luggage that can be difficult and unwieldy to take along with you, baggage shipping is a great option.

Luggage Shipping: How it Works

A1 Freight Forwarding offers a wide variety of luggage shipping services at affordable rates. Luggage shipping rates vary, depending on how quickly you need to receive your luggage, the size and weight of your luggage and the destination.

Thinking of using our luggage shipping services? We can answer any questions you may have regarding shipping your baggage and will work with you to ensure that the luggage shipping process goes smoothly. Please contact us today for detailed information on your particular situation.

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