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If you're looking for international shipping to Indonesia, trust A1 Freight Forwarding to get the job done. We offer affordable, reliable and efficient international shipping.
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Shipping to Indonesia
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International Shipping to Indonesia: Cargo, Package Shipping & More

International Shipping to IndonesiaA1 Freight Forwarding takes pride in offering reliable, affordable and easy-to-use International Shipping to Indonesia. Whether you are looking for international package shipping or any sort for international cargo transportation, you can trust A1 Freight Forwarding.




We understand the incredible importance of utilizing a reliable and effective shipping partner. Our years of experience and our extensive knowledge at international shipping to Indonesia make us the right choice. We will work with you to ensure that the entire shipping process is as simple, affordable and straight-forward as possible.

Whether you are looking for priority express shipping or economy shipping, A1 Freight Forwarding can help. We specialize in international shipping to Indonesia including shipping to Batam, shipping to Jakarta and across the country.

We service the following cities and more:

• Batam
• Jakarta
• Semarang
• Surabaya

For specific cities, please contact us today.

International Shipping to Indonesia: How it Works

At A1 Freight Forwarding, we have created a streamlined process that makes international shipping to Indonesia simple, affordable and reliable. We don’t take any shortcuts. We know how important your cargo or package is and work to be an effective, reliable and trustworthy shipping partner.

The process is simple. First, contact A1 Freight Forwarding online or by phone or complete the free quote form on our website. Once you have your quote, our experienced team can help you prepare all of the documents you need for international shipping to Indonesia. Pick-up and delivery dates can be arrange according to your needs. Once your package has shipped, we make it easy to track your package online so you can tell exactly where it is at any given time. It’s that simple!

International Shipping to Indonesia: Costs

Costs for international shipping to Indonesia vary depending on the size of the package, the service level and the destination. We can handle international shipping to Batam, international shipping to Jakarta or shipping to just about anywhere in Indonesia. Contact us for specific information on costs and estimated shipping times.

A1 Freight Forwarding doesn’t just offer international shipping to Indonesia. We also offer the following shipping services for your convenience.