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Air Shipping Services

Air Shipping ServicesA1 Freight Forwarding makes international air shipping simple, convenient and affordable. We understand the difficulties and annoyances with other air freight services and aim to provide the most straightforward, convenient and affordable air shipping process available.

We strive to simplify the air shipping process and make it more affordable to ship your personal belongings or commercial cargo.

At A1 Freight Forwarding, we pride ourselves in convenient, easy and affordable air shipping services to almost anywhere in the world. Our international air shipping services include door-to-airport and airport-to-airport air freight and air cargo services. We also make it possible for you to drop off your air shipment at one of our warehouses in major Canadian cities and pick it up at a local airport in the destination city. We can even arrange to pick your air cargo up at your business or residence for an additional cost.

If you’re looking for international air shipping, trust A1 Freight Forwarding.

Types of Air Cargo Accepted

At A1 Freight Forwarding, we can handle both personal shipments and commercial air cargo shipping and we accept a wide variety of cargo for international air shipping. All air cargo and air freight must be properly boxed, crated or palletized. In order to be accepted, all shipments must be packaged properly.


Destination Charges for Air Shipping

Air shipping rates vary depending on the Chargeable Weight. There are also different rates for different countries and different destination cities. Our standard box rate covers warehouse receiving, tallying and loading your cargo. It also covers documentation costs and air transportation charges. Please contact us for more specific information relating to your shipment.

Local destination charges apply upon warehouse release. These charges vary by location and are collected from the consignee at the delivery airport. Customs clearance and any applicable duties and taxes are the obligation of the receiving consignee.

Depending on the destination, some countries may allow you to clear customs yourself and do not charge duty costs for personal effects.

If you have any specific questions on shipping, please contact us today.

Air Shipping Volume weight calculation

The formula for Volume Weight in Kg. = (L x W x H) / 6000 (cm) or 366 (inches).
The Chargeable weight is based on either the volume weight or the actual weight whichever is the greater.


Dimensions in inches
A shipment weighs 100.00 kg. (Actual Weight)
It measures 8 Boxes 24 in x 18 in x 18 in
(24 x 18 x 18) x 8 = 62,208.00
62,208.00/366 = 170.00 kg. (Volume Weight)
Chargeable weight = 170.00 kg. 

Dimensions in Centimetres
A shipment weighs 100.00 kg. (Actual Weight)
It measures 8 Boxes 24 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm
(45 x 30 x 25) x 8 = 270,000.00
270,000.00/6000 = 45.00 kg. (Volume Weight)
Chargeable weight = 100.00 kg.

Our Other Shipping Services

In addition to air shipping, we also offer the following shipping services for your convenience:

– Cargo shipping
– International shipping
– Baggage & Luggage shipping
– Package shipping & Parcel Shipping
– Freight shipping
– Ocean shipping
– Container shipping
– International Moving
– And more!


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